The class is from 6.30-8.30 on Wednesday evenings at..

Aligned Family Chiropractic, Sele Gate House, 1 Hencotes, Hexham NE46 2EQ.

Things to bring: A yoga mat if you have one (I have a few spares if not), a blanket, a bottle of water.

Parking:  There is parking outside – drive through the big gates to the right of the building and there should be a space. Go through the door by the car park, through the glass door, along the little corridor and through the 2nd door and you are there! I will put a signs up inside the building to direct you. Call me if you need help finding it! My number is 07982 997052.

Cost: The class runs on a termly basis. You can either pay for the class in a block or just pay-as-you-go. For a half term block it is £9 for the 2 hours – I will tell you the total depending on how many weeks there are in each half term.  If you start part way through the block I am happy for you to just make up the rest of the block. And if you would like to just try out the class at this rate for the first week before you commit to a block that is fine. If you would prefer to drop in it is £11 per session.

There are concessions available if this feels hard to manage. I am very committed to making the class accessible to everyone.


“I had weekly pregnancy yoga in the second half of my pregnancy…it became such a special space for me to check in with my body, to notice the changes and to give attention to any discomfort. It was a time to connect to my baby through deep relaxation. These sessions helped me prepare for birth- helping me to trust my body with all the gentle stretching and strengthening through Caroline’s sensitive guidance.” (C H Allendale)

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