How will it benefit me and my baby?

Each session includes gentle movement in the form of yoga postures, meditations and breath awareness exercises which help you listen in to what your body needs. We will work towards developing full body breathing which enhances the health of all your body systems and so encourage an improved oxygen and nutrient supply to both you and your baby.

Rest, relaxation, confidence and calmness are promoted which in turn help release the hormones most needed for a positive birth experience. Areas of tension both physically, mentally and emotionally are relieved and tools for coping with labour, birth and parenting are absorbed. The approach is gentle, nurturing and helps to improve self awareness, posture, comfort, sleep and some common pregnancy symptoms such as heartburn, backache, cramp and oedema.

The approach makes yoga safe for all women whether they are new to yoga or have practised before, wherever you are in your pregnancy and whether this is your first baby or a subsequent pregnancy.

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