What a massage involves

A session will involve a full body treatment working directly on the skin using oil. Towels are used to cover the rest of the body that is not being worked on for warmth and modesty.

Holistic massage addresses physical needs and also places a large focus on the emotional and spiritual well-being of the client. This can involve the resting of hands on the body to balance energetic flows, bringing attention to breath awareness and encouraging the mind to empty.

Massage works with the sense of touch and can have extremely profound effects. In order not to over stimulate the body and to maximise the potential touch has, music and incense are not used in these sessions.

Treatments last for an hour and a quarter and include a consultation at the beginning.

Complete confidentiality and adherence to a professional code of conduct is assured at all times.

Additional information

If possible avoid eating two hours before a massage or have a light meal only.

If you should come down with a fever a massage should be postponed.

What I need if I’m coming to your home

A private, quiet and warm room with a clear space in which to set up a full length massage table.

A chair and a space to seat two for the consultation beforehand.

Ideally all phones could be switched off or out of earshot and a sign put on the door to avoid interruptions!

Two glasses of cold tap water.


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