Postnatal Massage

Massage immediately after you’ve given birth can feel amazing! Your body has been through a huge process where it has worked harder than it will ever work. Muscles after extreme excersise respond very well to massage which eases stiffness and encourages rest and relaxation.

You can have your baby with you if you would prefer and techniques will work around you and your baby’s needs. It is a time when you can reconnect with your body after birth and begin to process what has happened.

It supports the process which your body begins immediately of recovering and restoring itself to its non-pregnant state. For example supporting abdominal and pelvic floor toning, relieving back and shoulder aches, improving circulation, lymphatic and energy flows. It can help prevent or provide support for postnatal depression. It can relieve stress and trauma, especially if the birth did not go as expected. It supports healing from any effects of strains or medical interventions experienced. It provides support for the emotional demands of parenting, helps promote sleep and rest and offers support for breastfeeding.

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