Birth preparation with your birth partner

I offer one to one antenatal sessions with your birth partner (or without depending on what works for you).  We can explore a wide variety of topics depending on what you both would like. Some examples of topics are listed below:

  • the physiology of birth,
  • birth positions
  • tools for coping with labour
  • breathing techniques
  • demonstrations of massage and acupressure techniques for pregnancy and birth.
  • addressing questions, fears or issues surrounding pregnancy, birth and baby
  • exploring and processing previous birth experiences.
  • exploring ways to understand and navigate the health system
  • using birth art to explore any concerns you might have.
  • breastfeeding preparation advice

I am a trained birth-educator and I can help you to access up-to-date research so that you feel fully informed and able to make the choices that are right for you. I also have a library of books and resources which you are welcome to borrow.

“I really appreciated this one to one time and I felt Caroline really tuned in to what we particularly needed – she answered questions, showed us some really useful techniques and gave me lots of tools to use during the labour. I felt much more confident after this session.” (W.R Edinburgh)

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