As your baby grows your posture and alignment adapts. The increasing weight of the abdomen accompanied by lengthening of muscles and softening ligaments and joints can cause an an increased workload for the body and muscle groups can become tight and contracted. Feelings of exhaustion can be relieved with deep relaxation techniques combines with energy boosting techniques and the stimulation of acupressure points can alleviate symptoms such as nausea, stress, support hormonal changes and assist in the birthing process.

Women might suffer from pelvic instability or sciatica, the hips, legs and back might be affected and breathing might become more laboured. Massage techniques and exercises given can help to lengthen the lower back and decrease pelvic tilting, shorten and tone the abdominal muscles and open the chest and lungs. Joint mobilisations help alleviate any compression in areas of the body, especially in the pelvis and ribs.

Massage works to release muscle tension, gently toning, rebalancing and strengthening areas of weakness. Work with the circulatory and lymphatic systems can alleviate oedema and poor circulation and the respiratory and digestive systems are stimulated thus assisting open, full body breathing and helping with symptoms such as heartburn.

Your baby will simultaneously benefit from all these effects as more nutrients will be carried through the placenta nourishing your baby. They can feel when their mother is relaxed and calm and the hormones that are released (oxytocin and endorphins which are often referred to as the ‘love’ hormones) also transfers the baby. They often respond to touch and benefit from the time spent connecting with their mother.

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