Pregnancy massage

Massage during any stage of pregnancy can be incredibly beneficial.  As your baby grows and your posture adapts, muscle groups can become tight and contracted. Massage works to release tension, gently toning, re-balancing and strengthening areas of weakness. Feelings of exhaustion can be relieved with deep relaxation combined with energy boosting techniques.

The stimulation of specific acupressure points can alleviate symptoms such as nausea and stress, and assist in the birthing process. For example, supporting the work of the uterus, helping to regulate and, if needed, stimulate contractions, support changes of the baby’s position and assist with expulsion of the placenta.

Your baby will also benefit from all these effects as more nutrients will be carried through the placenta nourishing your baby. The hormonal release you experience when feeling relaxed and calm (oxytocin and endorphins) also transfer to the baby and they often respond to touch.

Massage in pregnancy can relieve many discomforts caused by pregnancy. For example:

  • pelvic instability /SPD
  • sciatica,
  • sore hips, ribs, legs and back
  • laboured breathing
  • compression in joints
  • oedema
  • muscle tension
  • poor circulation
  • digestive problems
  • heart burn

What does a session involve?

The treatment will begin with a consultation and then will move into a full body treatment working directly on the skin using oil. I will bring a futon and all clean towels/linen required. We will need a warm quiet room, 2 glasses of water and enough pillows to make you comfortable. I will use towel and blankets to cover the rest of the body that is not being worked on for warmth and modesty. I prominently use a side-lying position for your comfort.

We usually will consider some self-care strategies in your preparation for birth such as stretches and exercises, breathe awareness and grounding techniques. I also teach yoga for pregnancy and I am experienced in how movement can support pregnancy and birth preparation.

“I had lower back pain and some pelvic pain during my second pregnancy. Regular massage with Caroline was the best gift to myself and my growing baby. It was such a relief to completely let go and trust to Caroline’s amazing hands! She has a strong knowledge of pregnancy and what it requires of our bodies… And the state of complete relaxation during the massage was so precious and rare – and a perfect way to spend some peaceful time with my unborn baby. The massages became a nurturing time for my body and a balancing time for the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy. I miss them!” (M.A Allendale)

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