Pregnancy massage

Massage through all three trimesters…

During pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, your body goes through enormous hormonal, physical and emotional changes. It can be a time filled with joy and wonder and can equally be a time filled with anxiety, stress and discomfort. It is a time when you need to feel in touch with what is happening in your body and massage can be a wonderful way to help you do this benefiting both you and your baby.

What does a session involve?

Pregnancy massage is a time for you and your baby. It involves a full body treatment working directly on the skin using oil. Towels are used to cover the rest of the body that is not being worked on for warmth and modesty. Side-lying and other positions are used which promote maximum comfort during pregnancy. There is a emphasis on breath work, grounding and listening in, all of which is wonderful preparation for labour, birth and parenting. Hands on and acupressure techniques are used to balance energy and support the process of growing and birthing a baby.

A thorough consultation is carried out and time is spent working out self-care strategies in your preparation for birth such as stretches and exercises, breathe awareness and grounding techniques. Caroline also teaches yoga for pregnancy and is experienced in how movement can support pregnancy and birth preparation.

“I had lower back pain and some pelvic pain during my second pregnancy. Regular massage with Caroline was the best gift to myself and my growing baby. It was such a relief to completely let go and trust to Caroline’s amazing hands! She has a strong knowledge of pregnancy and what it requires of our bodies… And the state of complete relaxation during the massage was so precious and rare – and a perfect way to spend some peaceful time with my unborn baby. The massages became a nurturing time for my body and a balancing time for the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy. I miss them!” (C H Allendale)

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