Practicalities and Costs

I will commit to being on call for you from 38-42 weeks although if you have any concerns about this, have a history of early or late babies or are expecting twins I am happy extend this period.

Being on call involves a lot of commitment from me and my family and very occasionally (this has never happened to me yet!) something unavoidable might come up like illness or an accident. In this case I usually have a back up doula who you can meet too so you feel comfortable, safe and supported. You can either choose this person yourselves or I can recommend someone. (For other doula’s in the area see information and resources.)

Costs vary depending on how much support you would like. We can design a package together to suit your individual needs that can be flexible if anything unexpected should arise.

For an initial meeting/interview I just ask for travel expenses which we can work out together depending on where we choose to meet.

A basic package is as follows:

Basic package:

3 Antenatal and 1 postnatal visits – £50 each = £200

On call – £100

Birth: – £400

Research/ travel time/ fuel/ parking fees/ admin – £100

Total = £800

Any extra antenatal or postnatal visits are £50

If you would like any pregnancy or postnatal massage I charge £45 for an 1.15 hrs (plus travel depending on where you live)

If possible I ask families to pay in full by 38 weeks as after that you don’t need to be thinking about money!

Unless you are paying in instalments I ask that you pay half the sum when we choose to commit to each other just so I have some security. If you are paying in instalments then you can use your first instalment as your deposit.

Please contact me via email or 07982 997052 .

I am also committed to trying to make this service available to everyone so if you feel you can’t afford it please let me know and we can try and work something out.

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