Birth Pool Hire

Using a birth pool during labour and/or for the birth can be a gentle and deeply relaxing support during labour. Many people report that the warm water soothes pain and helps make labour more manageable. It can help women feel safer and more private as they feel protected in the water.

Some women enjoy the support of the pool during some of their labour and then prefer to get out for the birth and other women prefer to birth in the pool. Birthing your baby into the water is seen by many to be a gentle way for them to enter this world, leaving the warmth of the amniotic fluid and entering water of the same temperature.

Water births promote a hands off birthing techniques from health professionals.

There is evidence that immersion in warm water can lower blood pressure during labour.

Many women with pubic instability/discomfort have said that using the pool before during and after helped them enormously.

The pool can be a lovely way of relaxing, connecting to the birth and floating(!) in the lead up to the birth.

Women often decide to have a pool even if they are unsure of whether they will feel like getting in… just in case!

About the Birth Pool

The pool is a ‘birth-in-a-box eco regular plus’ from The Good Birth Company.
It includes…
an inflatable and insulated birth pool
an electric pump to inflate and deflate the pool (approx 10 minutes)
a hand pump just in case!
One hose to fill and one to drain the pool (you might need to get an attachment to fit your taps)
A fitted heat cover
A sieve and a water thermometer
A mat to put it on to avoid damage
I advise using a disposable sterile liner for cleanliness and to protect the pool from any damage. These can be purchased from ‘The Good Birth Company’ website for £25.
The pool is available from 37-42 weeks and extensions for late babies can be arranged (depending on availability).


£50 with a £20 deposit on booking it.

“I had a very long ‘back-to-back’ labour with my first child. I wasn’t allowed in the pool for hours because they wanted me to be 5-6cms before I got in. I had been on my hands and knees for so long and when I finally got in I felt such HUGE relief! All the aches and pains were taken away with my weightlessness, and having warm water poured over my back helped so much. I felt free and supported to move around as I wished and I experienced such a huge rush of oxytocin I fell in love with all my birth supporters! That must’ve been good for the birthing process!” (W C Midlothian)

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